There are many things that contribute to the ambience of an event that make it special. The food, the fellowship, and the venue certainly all play an important part. One of the often overlooked items is what you are hearing in the background. Is the music live or is it just a CD, MP3 or broadcast playing? Live music can give an event an extra special touch that can't be matched by even the best conceived play list. There is a connection that happens between the event attendees and the musician(s) that surpasses just sound filling the room. The ability to see the artistry actually creating the notes, and sensing the actual human effort devoted to pleasing every listener, almost subliminally takes the event to the next highest level.

Live music isn't as expensive as you think it might be. Compared to how much the food, venue and everything else costs, and how much live music can add to the event, live music should always be considered. Also realize that along with the music comes actual people that can see what is going on and start, stop and change the music as appropriate. Who is going to be managing your play list? You? However, live music doesn't need to be considered just for big “events.” How about an elegant dinner at home to celebrate an anniversary? A birthday party? Just a romantic evening at home? Perhaps you manage a venue and would like something to make those that visit feel that extra special touch that makes the time they spent with you memorable. Hotels, restaurants and other retail establishments are all venues that could benefit from that extra boost.

Choosing the type of music to be played is a major consideration. What is the mood you want set? Think about the way music affects you when you walk into different stores, buildings, venues. Think about the types of music you select to listen to when doing various activities such as work, exercise and driving. Now think about your event and what you want people to feel when they walk in.

In my musical life, I play a wide range of music, but for events I focus on solo piano, with a jazz emphasis, selecting music from the “Sinatra era”, show tunes and light classical music, with a touch of movie themes and current ballads added to the mix. If you picture an elegant setting with a shiny black grand being played skillfully with creative interpretations of standards, I may be just what you are looking for.

What does it take to have David come and play for you? Here are some guidelines to get you started, but don't hesitate to contact me to see if I can be of service to you within the boundaries of your needs. You never know until you ask.

Instrument: It is always nice when there is a fine grand piano available. However, most any piano that is in good (or at least reasonable) working order and recently tuned can work just fine. I can adapt to almost any instrument, but tuning is critical. If you need a tuner, I highly recommend Susan Babcock (714) 992-2230. If you don't have an instrument, I can bring along a keyboard and a small amplification system.

Time/Location: I do have a “day job” so events that involve the daylight hours must be booked well in advance. Evenings and weekends are subject to previous engagement. I am located in Orange County and try to keep my venues within a reasonable driving distance. There is nothing like arriving at a venue exhausted after a two hour drive! (Not good for either of us!)

Cost: This is a real sensitive issue, as many different situations require special consideration. It is best to contact me if you have special needs or even if you are just wondering about something. However, leaving the gate wide open isn't acceptable either, as you have no idea what to expect, so here are my guidelines for a starting point. The first hour costs $100. Every hour thereafter is $75 per hour. If the fee is too low, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to accommodate your needs (you may indeed be needing more than what I am anticipating). If it is too high, let me know what your situation is, and I will see if we can work something out. Every situation is different, so making contact is essential to have true resolution of what is possible. I will do my best to make things work out for both of us.

I hope that you will consider my services when you plan your next event or are looking to have music in your venue!