Music is a special form of art. Like many art forms, it can be explored at a variety of levels. When you hear music there is that “gut” feeling as to whether or not you “like” it. You may then think about the arrangement or the particular recording you are listening to. Items of interest may be the particular instruments that were involved, how well they were played or how well the song was sung, and perhaps special recording techniques used. Beyond that there is the structure of the piece, and the architecture of the composition style. The poetry of a song and the thoughts and images it expresses and how those ideas are captured by the notes in the composition is also an important consideration. Another facet of music is the actual authenticity of the performers bringing the notes to life. Whether they are truly emotionally involved in putting breath into the otherwise still notes or are just mechanically going through the steps needed to achieve the pitches required by the composer can make a difference when the listener experiences the rendition. The more you look at the music the deeper your appreciation may extend. On the other hand, you may be disappointed, in some manner, by what you find as you dig deeper. Nevertheless, the adventure experienced when exploring music is exciting, challenging, and worthwhile. My goal in making music is to be authentic in my commitment to the music and the people I lead in making it. My hope is to inspire and bring together people, all people who honor me with the opportunity, through this art form called music that can so deeply touch the spirit.

Music in Worship

Music has been a part of worship from biblical times. Though music has taken many different forms through the centuries, from ancient chants through today's pop idioms, music has inspired and taught worshipers all through the ages. With all of this history behind us, what makes music still relevant today in a worship service? Read more...

Music Education

When one thinks of music education, there is a gamut of things that could come to mind. You could think of piano lessons when you were a kid, and the associated hours of practicing. You could think of some introductory instrument lessons offered in an elementary school. You could think of high school bands, college classes, on and on. Read more...